Gianmarco Maraviglia | Photojournalist


Milions of pilgrims annually visit the great sanctuaries in the villages where the Virgin Mary it is said to have appeared. Each one comes with a load of hopes, prayers, often with illusions. The sacredness of the place is often perceived as a great spiritual energy, as a union of souls, a huge merger of shared pain in search of the miracle of healing.
But as often happens, there is always a hidden side, a different reading. Over the past two years, together with the journalist of Vanity Fair Tamara Ferrari, I visited the most important Marian shrines, to tell the hidden sides, sometimes the dark side.
From the black masses of Medjugorje to the pagan rites of Fatima, from the obscure prophecies of Kibeho in Rwanda to the wild parties of Lourdes, an alternative and disenchanted vision of the holiest places in the world for Christianity.