Gianmarco Maraviglia | Photojournalist

The Ghost of Medjugorie

Medjugorje, Bosnia. June 24, 1981 six children say they have seen the Holy Mary and would have given them ten secrets. Since then millions of pilgrims flock every year in this small town on the hills on the border with Croatia. Each year, however, dozens of pilgrims disappear on rough paths leading to holy sites. Many are found, even days later, tired and
dehydrated. Many more  are found dead years later by a special investigation team that every day climbs on dangerous paths through brambles, enormous boulders and treacherous ravines. But many other pilgrims simply disappear. Disappeared in one of the most sacred, and controversial, places, of Christianity. Italian, Austrian, Croatian, Scottish, Irish ... And if it is true that one of the causes may be the difficulty of the trails, there are also other theories, much more disturbing. Nearby places of apparition in fact you may find burned crosses , photo, sinister circles of stones, crowns of thorns. They are clear signs of the black masses. The rumors of strange night rituals  near the hill of the apparitions are more and more frequent. This is a tale of the dark side of Medjugorje, where light and shadow chase each other and where the slender figures of pilgrims become icons of those who never came back, becoming one of the ghosts of Medjugorje.

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